Sunday, 13 January 2013

January 10th, 2013.

Today is the first day of class after the Practicum I and the X-mas holidays, and we began our session with a Power Point presentation by Milena Vázquez, Raquel Carrasco, Raquel Tarrío, Anna Callejo and Carla Jarque. The presentation was about CLIL and how to implement it, and I thought it was very interesting. I'm glad they said they will be posting the links and the resources they found, because this can really help me with my didactic unit.

Afterwards, we saw an idea for a CLIL project, called 'Shakespeare in Art' (as I understand it, this integrates both art and English literature). There were many examples for activities that we can use or modify in order to create our own CLIL project:

1. Describing a picture: we saw two paintings and there was a multiple choice test.

2. Describing characters: two students had their backs to the screen and two other students described a picture. Then, the ones that had not seen it, had to observe a couple of pictures and decide which one was the one described to them.

3. Comparing the characters: we were given a sheet of paper with two circles, one was for the character of Othello and the other for Hamlet, and we had to discuss in pairs what their similarities and differences were.

4. Who says...?: we were shown quotes and matching pictures for them.

5. Writing a diamond poem: starting with music and ending with love, we had to describe what a piece of a ballet based on Romeo and Juliet had made us feel like.

6. What questions would you like to ask...?: we were shown a picture of Desdemona and had to think about interesting questions we would like to ask her.

7. Book covers: a sheet of paper with the different parts of a book cover.

8. Book trailers: we learnt what book trailers are. They're very similar to movie trailers.

9. Compare book and film: another very usual type of activity.

10. What's the play about?

11. Make a Glogster (I already checked the website and signed up!).

12. Designing an art exhibition

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